yvonne_chu_city_news.jpg(Article originated from City News - A Quest Community Newspapers Publication: Feb 3, 2011)

The first day of the lunar calendar, celebrated as Chinese New Year, is the most special festival for many in China.

Yvonne Chu is a Chinese teacher at Australian Multicultural Education Centre and said the occasion was marked by a massive festival in Asia and was also gaining momentum in Australia.

It was recorded the Chinese started to celebrate Chinese New Year from about 2000BC, though the celebrations were held at different times under different emperors.

They started to celebrate Chinese New Year on the first day of the lunar calendar based on Emperor Wu Di’s almanac of the Han Dynasty.

“It is a big occasion and is a traditional celebration where everyone gets together,” Ms Chu said.

“We believe people need to have a big dinner and get to greet everyone with a Happy New Year blessings we also write the words down on red paper to keep the blessing.”

“Red pockets are given to people and businesses will get more profit.”

The future is looking bright for the Sunnybank education agency and migration service, which teaches Chinese in various parts of Brisbane.

Formed in 2005, the company holds an Australian Immigration licence and is an authorised agency with several universities and language schools.

“We ‘ve got the requirements and the program to teach people to become Chinese teachers.”

Widely recognised, the company is in operation across the globe.

For information on their classes visit www.amecnews.com

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